This page has been posted to organize important videos that we would like to share. Some are original content produced by us, and others are interesting links we have found n the web. If you like what you see, please let other club members know so that they view them also,

Alcohol wash for mite testing:

Winter Feeding for Your Bees

Varroa Sampling and Control Techniques

The Honeybee Health Coalition has produced a number of videos discussing all phases of this important topic. Here is the link to their collection of videos.

OTS Queen Rearing Method

At our February regular meeting, Charlie Beyersdorf gave us an excellent presentation on the OTS queen rearing method that he uses. We were not able to record his presentation, but we have discovered this video as we browsed the web. In this video Mel Disselkoen, the inventor of the OTS method, describes it in detail. If you missed Charlie’s talk, and you were wondering what everyone is talking about at social hour, this video will bring you up to speed on this exciting technique. Click here to view Mel Disselkoen speaking on OTS Queen Rearing and Miticide-free beekeeping

Roy Ober’s Basic Beekeeping Class

At our seminar in February 2017, we made our first attempt to record a major presentation. We apologize for the less than optimum sound, but we think you will find the overall presentation worth your time. It runs approximately 2-1/2 hours.

Click Here to View Part 1 of Roy’s Lecture.

Click Here to View Part 2

U of MN Bee Lab Update Presented by Becky Masterman

A second presenter at our seminar in February 2017 was Becky Masterman from the U of MN Bee Labs. She spoke on a number of advanced beekeeping topics. You will find the overall video quality and sound to be better on this recording as we learned from our first attempt. However, she was introduced by Jeff, our association president, and the mike that Becky was wearing did not pick him up very well. For that reason there will be an awkward period of low volume for the first minute or two. Click here to View Becky Masterman from the U of MN Bee Labs

Gerald Hayes Presentation

On October 24th 2016 we were treated to a presentation by Gerald Hayes, nationally recognized figure in beekeeping across the country. His appearance was funded by the FDLTCC Environmental studies department. His presentation detailed some of the the most advanced technical changes in the beekeeping industry. Specifically he discussed the use of a technology called RNAi that could replace the use of pesticides to control varroa mites. If you were unable to join us that night, you will really want to watch this video.

Our thanks go out to Courtney and her students for making this recording available.

(Click here to view the presentation by Gerald Hayes)  (Click here to read the Wired magazine article about Jerry Hayes)

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