*** Bee Sales for 2024 have now closed ***

As one of the benefits of membership in the association, members are offered packages of bees at a discounted price. Packages consist of an unmarked queen and either 2 pounds (approx. 7000) or 3 pounds (approx. 10,000) nurse/worker bees (package weights are approximate). For 2024 we will again be offering Italian and Carniolan bees for sale. As in the past, we expect the packages to be ready for pickup in mid-April. Since the production of packages is highly sensitive to weather, this could change slightly. We will notify all club members when we have a firm delivery date. For this reason, please be sure that we have good daytime contact info on file for you so that we can keep you up to date.

2-pound packages sell for $130 and 3-pound packages are priced at $160. These prices include a $10 refundable deposit if you return your empty cage. Bee sales are taxable if you do not have a MN ST-3 on file with the club treasurer.