Restarting hive late (Aug) in season

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Restarting hive late (Aug) in season

Post by Andy » Mon Aug 16, 2021 12:19 pm

Bear attack(s) devastated what was turning into a productive hive. We can leave discussion about bears to another thread, but I think electric fence was malfunctioning-since repaired. Relocated hive. FWIW, one group of bees clustered around a few frames the bear decided to leave and another group clustered around a few rocks. With helpful advice of a local Ely beekeeper (thanks Deb!) collected remaining bees with help of lemongrass oil.
So have left bees-think I did sight the queen but no honey stores, no brood. I am feeding 2:1 syrup and pollen. Have lots of medium new frames/foundation. Planning to rebuild what frames bear left behind and cleaning/rewaxing foundation boards s/he left behind.
Seeking collective wisdom-any other advice? What's the likelihood of winter survival?

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Re: Restarting hive late (Aug) in season

Post by willywarthog » Thu Jan 06, 2022 10:02 am

Man, this is terrible. I just saw your request today, January 2022. You must think this forum is useless for help. I admit I don't use it much myself so didn't even notice your comment. I'm sure you found a solution by now. If you did and want to share it, please do. I'd like to hear. Billy

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